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FBI Agent Fitness Test Prep - Testimonial

I passed my FBI fit test yesterday with flying colors, and it was clearly from using your workouts. I scored the highest in my group in all events and set two new records. I ran the 300-meter in 45.92 (my past PR was 48), and I did 57 situps (past PR was 54). I did the 1.5 mile in 10:40, more than two minutes faster than when I first started on your workouts.

I've also lost 40 pounds! 

I started in February with your Need for Speed workout, and then I bought and used your FBI eBook. Your articles on how to take the test were also very helpful. The ice bottles in the hands to keep my core cold, the sports drink for blood sugar, and the pacing and gravity tips all worked to maximize my scores.

"The Motivated Find Us"

The FBI Fitness Test APP &
 eBook / Book

Available NOW!

On Amazon too:
FBI Workout (for Kindle)


Complete with SEVEN week interactive workout plan, testing app/calculator, videos of all exercises, techniques and tips videos of each testing event, and a library of helpful reading all in the palm of your hand.

Training to become an FBI Special Agent is tough, but getting INTO the Academy is considered by many harder than the actual Academy.  Typically 100,000+ people apply for the FBI Special Agent position when the FBI releases job openings for as little of 4,000-5,000 slots.  Making sure you meet the qualifying physical standards has never been easier.  Sure, you have to still put in the work practicing the FBI Special Agent Physical Fitness Test (PFT,) but now former Navy SEAL and military, law enforcement, and fire fighter fitness writer has developed

The FBI Fitness Test Workout App:

This is a full-feature / interactive APP complete with
 7 week interactive workout plan
Testing app/calculator,
Videos of all exercises,
Techniques and tips videos of each testing event,
and a library of helpful reading all in the palm of your hand.

Featured on the FBI Fitness APP is an interactive version of the FBI Fitness Test Ebook Vol 1 which sells at for $16.95 . A test taker application and scoring calculator, as well as actual videos of all the exercises demonstrating perfect form / techniques.  The videos are part of the original FBI Fitness Test Clinic Video we used to sell for $24.95.  The FBI Fitness APP is priced at $9.99 but has over $40 worth of workouts, videos, and skills all at the palm of your hand. 

There is a NEW FBI Fitness Test Ebook Vol 2 for those you have purchased both the Vol 1 ebook and the new APP.  Volume 2 features a new set of workouts to prepare for the Academy.

Whether you are training for your health, to lose weight, or perhaps to later serve your country as a member of the FBI or your community's police officer, this APP is dedicated to you.  We take great pride in preparing people to serve their country by helping them get fit and meet height and weight standards in order to join.  Many of our nation's cities, states, and local police departments use the same test as the FBI:

FBI Fitness Test:
 Max Situps in 1:00
 Timed 300m Run
 Max Pushups in 1:00 (non-stop)
Timed 1.5 mile run

*Max Pull ups (bonus points only - no pass or fail)
Will be tested at FBI Academy


If you are a TRUE Beginner and cannot run or do a single pushup, you may want to start here:  Much of our information is FREE - such as the free 45 day plan and Lean Down Food Plan to help you get started.  We also have beginner fitness workouts for those who can only workout in their home as well as circuit workouts for those of you who like gym workout routines.  We also understand that many Americans need to start somewhere in order to reduce ever growing obesity statistics.  These fitness programs are all about providing a foundation of fitness on which to build upon - not beat you down with workouts too difficult to complete.  We can help you reduce injuries, increase performance, and for many beginners - lose weight and inches through safe and effective workouts and eating plans.  We have many motivational stories to help you realize that YOU can do this too.  It is not rocket science.  It is about moving more - eating better - drinking more water. 

For a more personalized approach, we have the Online PT Club which offers personalized training programs for whatever condition and goals you are seeking to achieve.  Call and email trainer and fitness author Stew Smith CSCS weekly (as many times as needed - no limit) to discuss progress or any issues in training.  This program has been in existence since 1998 as an online training tool for thousands of clients..

Let us help you - email us, call us, we'd be happy to help you get started moving and seeing results!

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